Daryll's Background

Why should I listen to this guy?

I’ve spent 30 years building systems to efficiently process content for the media and entertainment industry. This has given me unique experience in building large systems that can manage pedabytes and process many terrabytes of content per hour. I’ve managed medium sized teams of software engineers working under the strictest of security requirements.

I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft Windows. I’ve used Unix systems since the late ’80s, and Linux since the mid ’90s. I contributed to the development of Linux by working on OpenGL graphics systems during the early years.

I’m proud of my work on many great Movies. You can look me up in the Internet Movie Database if you’re curious. I’m probably most well know for building the Linux render farm that Digital Domain used to render Titanic.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career. My business was formed in the early ’00s, and I’ve used that build technology and products for media and entertainment. I sold my last company to Technicolor.

Lately I’ve been consulting and doing research and development in computer security, high performance cloud computing, and software defined workflows. I still develop interesting technology projects for fun and profit.